How Do I Setup Scan on HP Envy 5055 Printer?

Everything will be easy when you have the HP Smart app on your compatible system. Use the HP Official page and refer to your desired HP Envy 5055 printer Setup requirements. Try to use the given step-wise to start the scanning procedure on your printer scanner.

Note: Ensure whether the scanner has no trouble while printing or before starting the scanning procedure on your scanner.

Clean the scanner bed before placing the document to be scanned on the scanner tray. Try to remove the visible paper jam on the scanner section and start the below step-wise carefully.

  1. First, you need to ensure with the scanning software and printer driver software are to their latest version.
  2. Open the desired system and download the HP Smart app from the app-store.
  3. Finish the installation procedure and allow the application to access the windows system by enabling the Third-party Authentication process.
  4. Use the home page of the application to add the printer to the application. Hit the plus-sign at the top corner and wait for the on-screen prompts to guide you.
  5. Once you are redirected to the prompts back to back, follow them without skipping and add the printer to the application effortlessly.
  6. You can confirm the printer registration by ensuring with the home page printer icon & name availability.
  7. Now, direct to the scan settings on the next page.
  8. On the scan settings page, try to make the necessary alterations for your convenience and give ok.
  9. Open the scanner bed and wipe it out using the cotton pad or clean wipes to place the document.
  10. Make sure the scanner bed is cleaned and maintained periodically after every usage.
  11. Connect through the preview option and make some alterations like page layout and other resolution ranges before selecting the scan option on the next page.
  12. Once you have confirmed the scan settings, hit the Scan option.
  13. Wait for the scanned file to be downloaded or appeared on the device screen. Make sure the quality of the scanning and proceed by sharing or printing work.
  14. You find any difficulties like operating the scanning procedureCall Our Technical Team for instant support & service.