How to connect HP envy 5070 printers to Wi-Fi?

The HP Envy 5070 printer comes with the latest features in the wireless standards and is available for Wi-Fi direct setup. This all-in-one printer delivers extraordinary performance. It is suitable for residential and small-scale businesses. Complete HP Envy 5070 Wireless setup and start printing immediately.

Wi-Fi Direct setup

  • Start the HP Envy 5070 printer.
  • Open the control panel > network setup > wireless settings > Wi-Fi Direct setup.
  • Now note down the details displayed in the printer control panel.
  • Go to the smart device, go to Wireless settings.
  • Now the device scans and finds the HP envy 5070 direct printer.
  • Click the printer and type the password manually to connect the Wi-Fi directly.
  • Complete the HP envy 5070 printer Wi-Fi Setup.
  • Choose a document and start printing.

Wireless set up wizard.

  • Switch On the printer.
  • Feed enough printing sheets in the paper tray.
  • Make sure enough ink is present in the cartridges.
  • Open the control panel on the printer and select the setup Option.
  • Choose the network setup.
  • Tap wireless settings.
  • Now select the wireless setup wizard.
  • The printer will search for the wireless network.
  • Select the home network.
  • Enter the password in the control panel keyboard and click OK.
  • Now the HP envy 5070 wireless setup is successful.
  • Connect any device to the same network and conduct a test print.