How to connect HP envy 6000 to Wi-Fi?

The HP envy 6000 printer is a small-in-one printer that is easy to use. The user needs to follow the basic steps to set up the HP envy 6000 printers. The printer has an LCD control panel. Now enjoy printing and scanning from any device with a wireless connection. You can now access the photos or any files from the LCD control panel.

HP envy 6000 printers Wi-Fi setup can be done using two methods. Choose the apt one to complete the connection.

WPS method

  • Complete the HP Envy 6000 printer basic setup.
  • Load enough printing sheets in the paper cassette.
  • Remove the seal and fix ink cartridges in the cartridge slots.
  • Turn ON the router to make sure the connection is stable
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button and power button until the Wireless button flashes.
  • Press and hold the WPS button in the router for 3 seconds.
  • The network connection is established immediately.
  • Within few minutes, the flashing lights become solid.
  • Connect your device to the same wireless network.
  • Conduct a test print.

HP Smart App

It is crucial to install the HP smart app on your device. It helps to connect the HP Envy 6000 printer to a wireless network. This procedure guides the user to download and install the HP smart app.

  • Switch ON the computer.
  • Connect it to the Wi-Fi Network.
  • Connect the printer onto a Wi-Fi network
  • Open the windows browser.
  • Search for HP smart app on the official HP website and click the download button.
  • After downloading the application, follow the on-page guidelines to complete the setup.
  • At once, after installing the software, reboot the computer.
  • Then open the HP smart app and tap the plus symbol.
  • Then follow the on-screen orders and complete the setup.
  • Choose the HP envy 6000 printers and click the ADD button.
  • If the printer is not available, then Select ” Add a new printer option.”
  • ADD the HP envy 6000 printers to the HP smart app.
  • Complete the HP envy 6000 Wireless setup, Conduct a printing test.