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HP printer setup

How to connect HP printer setup for Windows?

Follow the set of instructions given below to add your HP printer to the Windows at ease:

  1. Open your Windows PC and go to the search bar.
  2. Find the change device installation settings.
  3. Check if you have enabled them.
  4. Look to that you have placed your HP printer within the router’s range.
  5. Now, connect your HP printer to the wireless network using the wireless setup wizard.
  6. Tap on the Wi-Fi button on your printer. Within 2 minutes.
  7. Click the Wi-Fi button on your router.
  8. Use this step if your HP printer does not have a control panel menu.
  9. Connect the Ethernet cable between the printer and the router.
  10. HP printer device will now get a wireless connection.
  11. Also, connect your Windows PC to the same wireless network.
  12. Next, go to the search bar and find the add a printer or scanner menu.
  13. Tap on Add a printer or scanner menu. Your Windows PC will now search for your printer model.
  14. Once Windows PC has found your printer model, tap on it.
  15. Now, click the Add button to add your printer model. And complete the printer setup process.
  16. Tap on my HP printer not found menu if Windows does not detect your printer.

How to connect HP printer setup for MAC?

Add the HP printer on MAC with the set of instructions given below.

Steps to add a USB printer:

  1. Go to the Apple menu and tap on the System preference option.
  2. Now, click the Software update menu and wait for the latest updates to install.
  3. Next, uncover your printer. Install ink cartridges and stuff printing sheets.
  4. Connect the power cord and turn your HP printer active.
  5. Connect a USB cable between the HP printer and the MAC system.
  6. Check on the screen for any prompt asking you to download and install the software.
  7. Install them and proceed to print your files.

Steps to add a wireless or network printer:

  1. Update the software first. Go to the Apple menu.
  2. Choose system preferences, and tap on the software update menu.
  3. The software update is not necessary for an Airprint printer.
  4. Now, uncover your printer and set it up with any errors.
  5. Install the ink cartridges, printing sheets and turn them active.
  6. Now, tap on the wireless setup wizard menu.
  7. Follow the instructions to complete adding your wireless HP printer to MAC.
  8. Next, click on the printers and scanners menu.
  9. Add your HP printer model to the list.
  10. Once your HP printer is well set, try printing test printouts.