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HP Deskjet 1012 Cloud Print Setup | How to use Cloud Print?
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123 HP Deskjet 1012 Cloudprint Setup

Google Cloudprint is the free service for the users to print any files through the internet from anywhere. Connect the device to any network from which you want to print the files. You can utilize 123.hp.com/dj1012 Google Cloudprint application on Android devices and Chromebook. It allows you to print from any Windows computer.

How to connect your 1012 printer to google cloud print

123 hp Deskjet 1012 Chromebook or PC

As a first step, you need to configure your printer with the Google Cloud Print from your computer or mobile.

  • Activate your computer or Chromebook, go to the Chrome browser and log in to your personal Google account.
  • If your device does not have Chrome browser, download and install on your device.
  • You have to type chrome: //device in the address bar and then tap Enter.
  • Google Cloud Print will start to detect the printer connected to the network.
  • If you find your printer in the New devices list, click on Register and again click on Register to reconfirm and print the confirmation page.
  • If you find your printer under My devices, your printer has registered with the Google Cloud Print. No need to configure again, just use Manage option to preview the Google Cloud Print printers.
  • If 123.hp.com/setup 1012 printer has not enrolled in the list, troubleshoot the network connection and try to connect using the printer’s email address.
  • You can setup the HP ePrint service on your 123.hp.com/dj1012 printer. Register your Deskjet 1012 printer using the HP ePrint email address.
  • Finally, on the printer’s control panel display, affirm the registration.
  • The confirmation page prints once you have affirmed the registration.
  • After performing all the above steps clearly, your printer is ready to use Google Cloud Print service.

123 hp Deskjet 1012 Using Android devices

The user has to configure the Google Cloud Print using the Chrome browser on Android OS 4.4 or later mobile device.

  • After turning on hp deskjet 1012 printer, feed the paper tray with a suitable amount of paper.
  • Install the original HP ink or toner cartridges.
  • Then, you need to connect your printer and Android to the same network.
  • After that, you need to download and run the Cloud Print plugin on the Android device.
  • Google Cloud Print plugin is available in the Google play store.
  • Once it has installed, go to the Settings menu.
  • To find the Printing option, type it in the search bar. And then click Printing option.
  • Near the Cloud Print option, you will find the On option. Tap On option.
  • You need to turn off the other print service plugins.
  • Click the Cloud Print option and then tap the main menu icon.
  • After that, select the Add Printer option. Once you have clicked App Printer, the plugin will detect 123.hp’setup 1012 printer on the network.
  • Choose the printer that you wish to add and then touch Ok.
  • On the printer control panel, double confirm the registration.
  • You can also follow the instruction on the printed page.

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HP Deskjet 1012 Printer troubleshooting
I don't have a Gmail account, would i be able to use Google Cloud Print?

You definitely need Gmail or Google Chrome account to print using Google Cloud Print. Install Google Chrome from the app store and sign up for the Gmail or Google account.

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser and sign into your Personal Google account.
  • Register your 123.hp.com printer on the Google chrome.
  • You will get the Google test-page with the Google Print information.
What if my printer is listed multiple times on my Android device?

Depending on the number of print apps installed on the device, your printer name displays multiple time. You can switch off the unused print apps.

  • On your Android device, choose the Settings menu.
  • There you will find 123.hp.com/dj1012 Printing option and tap on it.
  • Ensure that Cloud Print option is turned on and turn off other print service plugins.

What if i cannot connect my printer to google cloud print

  • Check the status of your Deskjet 1012 printer and your device.
  • Verify if the computer, mobile device, printer, and network are working properly.
  • Inspect the router band.
  • Move 123 hp setup 1012 printer and router close to each other.
  • Verify the network name on the Printer Setup device.

How do i monitor or cancel current print jobs

Using the Google Cloud Print, you can monitor and cancel print jobs.

  • To check the status of a print job, open the Chrome browser and then log in to your Google account. Select Cloud Print and go to Print Jobs. The print jobs displayed on the screen to review.
  • To cancel a print job, open the Chrome browser. Log in to the Google account and open Cloud Print. Then click on Print Jobs. Chose the print job and tap Cancel option.