HP Envy 4513 Printer Setup

HP Envy 4513 Setup

HP Envy 4513 printer has the easiest printing solution and extra quality printout with the complete design of Original HP Ink. It comes with two years of warranty. Users can use the HP Smart app solutions and accessories. The HP Envy 4513 printer receives endurable printing and scanning quality.

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HP Envy 4513 Setup Instructions

To set up the HP Envy 4513 printer for the first time, follow the steps given below one by one.

  • Take the HP printer from the box.
  • Clear all the straps and bubble wraps from both inside and outside of the printer.
  • Explore the HP printer and its tools for any damages.
  • Keep the HP printer on a clean surface close to a power outlet.
  • Couple the printer to the wall socket using the wire.
  • Clear the seal in the ink cartridges.
  • Fix the ink cartridges with the cartridge slots and close them.
  • Lift the rear paper tray upwards to place a stack of paper in it.
  • Finalize the HP Envy 4513 printer setup.
  • Link the HP printer and computer with the wireless network.

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HP Envy 4513 Printer Setup on mac

  • Turn ON the HP printer.
  • Feed printing sheets into the paper tray.
  • Check the ink cartridges have full of ink.
  • Switch ON the MAC device and Update the OS.
  • Press the apple symbol and click the system preferences menu.
  • Select print and scan
  • Now type the HP printer model number and click the plus symbol.
  • Click the continue button.
  • If the MAC device prompts to install any driver, access the browser to install it.
  • Finally, select any file and click the print icon to take a test print.

HP Envy 4513 Printer Setup On Windows

  • Turn ON the HP printer and the device.
  • Switch ON the router.
  • Place the PS and the in the range of the network.
  • Link the printer and the windows to the network.
  • Press the windows and select the printer and scanner
  • Select the HP printer from the available list.
  • Click the ADD button to add the printer device.
  • Check the printing and scanning from the windows.

HP Envy 4513 Printer Setup Smartphone

  • Switch ON the HP Envy 4513 printer.
  • Feed enough paper and ink cartridges in the printer.
  • Link the smart device and the printer to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the play store to install the HP print service plugin app on the smartphone.
  • Complete the installation of the HP print service plugin app.
  • Click the app > press the menu and add the printer onto it.
  • Choose any file and press the print icon to take a test print.

HP Smart App Setup For Envy 4513

  • Switch ON the computer and to download the application click the windows store.
  • Search for HP smart app and click to download.
  • The file will save in a separate folder.
  • Click twice to open the file and extract the application to install.
  • At once, install the software and reboot the computer.
  • Go to the HP smart app and tap the plus symbol.
  • Follow the on-screen orders.
  • If the printer network is available, add the printer model number in it.
  • Connect the HP printer network to it and start to print.

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