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HP Envy 4520 Smart App for safe and reliable printing
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HP Envy 4520 Smart App

HP Envy 4520 smart app is an additional feature supported by HP. These apps support a lot of functions like memory extension, card reader printing, easy connect to the envy 4520 mobile printing, ease access over hp smart apps, and so on. For this smart app, locate to the official site and choose the required printer app and follow the steps to download it on your browser.

HP Envy 4520 Smart App

HP Envy 4520 App connecting steps

The latest technology used in HP Printers shows the easy steps for smart apps connect. It is easy if you follow the steps mentioned in order for any HP Envy 4520 Series.

HP Envy 4520 unboxing for external printer setup

Step 1: Unbox hp envy 4520 printer and then connect it to the power cord.
Step 2: Once connected, turn on it to check the flow of supply.
Step 3: For the final setup of 123.hp.com/setup 4520, move to the next process for envy 4520 driver download and install.

hp easy start app

HP Envy 4520 Easy Start Printer Setup Software

Step 1: As soon as you get into the software setup, it detect your current OS first.
Step 2: At next, it provide a software list suitable for you.
Step 3: Choose the one and then follow the steps for hp envy 4520 software download and install on your PC.

HP Envy 4520 Mobile Printing

Step 1: HP Offers an optional feature after the printer setup and software installation process.
Step 2: Try to make a registration in HP Dashboard to access drivers, software, badge duration for hp envy 4520 smart apps.
Step 3: If your registration is successful, you will have quick access over drivers and software.
Step 4: As a result of this, every user will be notified with their printer status, software update date, and others.

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