HP Envy 5546 Wireless Setup

HP Envy 5546 Wifi Setup

While connecting the HP printer to the wireless connection, position the printer near the router in its network range to easily access the internet.

HP Envy 5055 wifi setup

How To Connect HP Envy 5546 To Wi-Fi?

There are three methods to configure the wireless connection in the HP envy 5546 printer control panel. The Wi-Fi direct setup, WPS method, and a Wi-Fi setup wizard

  • Choose any one of the techniques to complete the
  • Wireless connection setup.
  • The user can also download the HP smart app onto the device to enjoy seamless printing.

Connect Hp Envy 5546 Printer Using USB Cable

You can easily connect your HP printer to your personal computer using a USB cable.

  • Plug the HP printer into the wall port.
  • Switch ON the printer.
  • Complete the HP Envy 5546 printer setup.
  • Turn ON the computer and the modem
  • Make sure the router is close to the computer and the HP printer.
  • Select a good quality USB cable less than 3 meters.
  • Plug the HP printer and the computer with the USB cable.
  • A new hardware message will pop up on the computer screen.
  • Go through the on-screen methods.
  • Connect the printer with the PS and take a test print.
  • If the printer is unavailable, manually type and press the add printers and scanners option.
  • Click the add button to join the HP printer.
  • Now complete it by taking a test print.

HP Envy 5546 Wireless Setup On Windows

Now set up  HP Envy 5546 wireless setups on Windows is very easy by following these steps one by one.

  1. Switch ON the windows and the HP Envy 5546 printer.
  2. Turn ON the modem.
  3. Keep the windows and the printer close to the modem.
  4. Run an internet test on the router.
  5. Ensure to connect the printer and windows to the same wireless network.
  6. Go to windows and Click start button > settings.
  7. Printers and scanners options.
  8. Select the home printer from the available list.
  9. Click add an option to add the printer to the printer list.
  10. Complete the HP Envy 5546 printer wireless setup and continue printing and scanning.

HP Envy 5546 Wireless Setup On Mac

Connect  HP Envy 5546 wireless setup on Mac by following these steps.

  1. Turn ON the MAC and the HP printer.
  2. Connect the MAC and the printer to the wireless network.
  3. Tap on the apple symbol on the MAC device.
  4. Press system preference.
  5. Click on the printers and scanners icon.
  6. A new screen will open.
  7. Click the plus symbol to add the printer to the computer.
  8. Then click the IP icon at the top and mention all the required information.
  9. Now add the printer to the computer.
  10. It shows the printer in the available printer list.
  11. ADD the printer.
  12. Now take a test print.
  13. Check whether the printer is working.
  14. Complete the HP Envy 5546 wireless set up on MAC.

How to connect HP envy 5546 using the wireless setup wizard option?

  • Start the HP printer.
  • Open the printer to operate the ink cartridge door.
  • Check whether cartridges are full of ink.
  • Uplift the paper tray.
  • Clean it with a clean cloth.
  • Assemble a new stack of printing sheets.
  • Fix new papers to prevent paper jam.
  • Open the control panel screen.
  • Tap the network setup.
  • Click the wireless settings icon.
  • Press the wireless setup wizard.
  • It traces for the available Wi-Fi network.
  • Manually selects a home wireless network from the list of available networks.
  • Type the password and go through the instruction.
  • Process it by pressing the OK button.
  • Integrate the wireless network to the HP printer.
  • Connect the device to the same network.
  • Take a test printing.
  • The HP printer Wi-Fi setup is complete.

How to connect the HP envy 5546 Wi-Fi protected setup?

  • Turn ON the printer.
  • Switch ON the computer and the router.
  • Complete the HP printer
  • Go to the control panel on the printer.
  • Scroll down the title bar and click the settings icon.
  • Press the network setup > wireless settings.
  • Now go below to find the WPS setup.
  • Press the WPS icon > click the pin option.
  • Turn ON the computer and type the WPS pin.
  • Complete the HP printer wireless setup.
  • Run a test print.

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HP Envy 5546 Printer Setup Wi-Fi Direct

There are a few methods to connect the printer to the wireless network. Follow the steps of the HP Envy 5546 printers to Wi-Fi on windows and MAC.

a) How to connect HP envy 5546 Wi-Fi direct set up?

On windows system

  • Turn ON the windows system.
  • Turn ON the router and the HP printer.
  • Activate the Wi-Fi direct icon on the printer ad make a note of the SSID and the passcode.
  • Ensure the internet connection is strong
  • Update the windows OS to the latest version
  • Press the start icon > Wireless settings > choose the printer with the word direct in it.
  • Enter the printer SSID and passcode, click ok.
  • Install the HP smart app.
  • Select the HP printer from the list
  • Click the Add option to merge the printer
  • Finish the HP Envy 5546 printer Wi-Fi setup on windows.

B) Print With Wi-Fi Direct MaC

To print with Wi-Fi direct on the Mac, find the Wi-Fi direct name and password printers control panel, and look for the Wi-Fi direct icon or click on the button to find the information.

  • Turn On the power button of the printer
  • Switch On the MAC.
  • Activate the Wi-Fi direct icon on the printer.
  • Press the apple icon button > system preference.
  • Click the printers and scanners option shown in the result.
  • Select add printers and scanners option.
  • The MAC device starts to refresh the local Wi-Fi network.
  • Select shown Wi-Fi direct with the printer name.
  • Click the printer and click add the device
  • For connecting the MAC, Select next option.
  • The MAC device will complete the installation.
  • Now, it will add the printer from the available printers list.

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