123 HP Envy pro 6458 Troubleshooting

1. HP Envy pro 6458 Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup

    • Reboot the HP envy pro 6458 printers, computers, and routers.
    • Ensure the network connection is stable in the printer and the computer.
    • Install the HP Print and scan doctor app to solve the printer error.
    • Uninstall the printer driver.
    • Reinstall the latest version of the driver.
    • Now add the printer to it.

2. How do I print a document from my phone or tablet in Envy pro 6458?

There are many steps to print any document or image from a smart device. The easiest method to print any file is to install HP smart app. Add the HP envy pro 6458 printers to the HP smart app or add them to the printer driver to enjoy printing from the Smart device.

3. HP Envy pro 6458 Faxes are blank or have vertical lines

    • Disconnect the power cable from the HP envy pro 6458 printers.
    • Open the scanner glass and clean it with plain tissue or cloth.
    • After a few seconds, reconnect the printer to the power cord.
    • Turn ON the printer.
    • Check the document contains any dust and vanish it.
    • Now send any fax to check the quality of printing.

4. HP Envy pro 6458 network installation Error


    • Restart the computer, HP envy pro 6458 printers, and the router.
    • Run an internet test to check the connection is stable.
    • Integrate the computer and the printer with the same wireless network.
    • Now access the browser and reinstall the printer driver.

5. HP Envy pro 6458 printing in color or black and white.

  • Connect the computer and the HP envy pro 6458 printers to the wireless network.
  • Go to HP smart app > click the printer model.
  • Click clean print heads to clean the printhead.
  • Choose any file to check printing quality.

6. How do I cancel the print job?

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Find the cancel button on the screen.
  • Press the cancel button to stop the print job.

7. How to improve the copy quality

  • Firstly, install proper new printing sheets in the paper cassette.
  • Clean the scanner bed with a tissue or soft cloth.
  • To check the paper quality, print any document.
  • Look at the print-job settings and do the needful changes.
  • Inspect the paper insertion tray and paper quality.

8. HP Envy pro 6458 copies are blank or faded

Check the ink cartridges have enough ink in them. If the ink is low, fill them with original ink in the cartridges. Fix the ink cartridges in the cartridge slot and close them. Try printing any file to check printing quality.

9. HP Envy pro 6458 scanners is not found

Download and install the scan doctor app to examine the scanner and resolve it. Uninstall the driver and reinstall the HP printer driver software. Add the printer to the printer driver. Now the HP envy pro 6458 printers will print and scan seamlessly.

10. Scanners not supported in Windows and MAC

  • Reset the HP envy pro 6458 printer settings.
  • Scan any document again.
  • Uninstall the printer driver software and reinstall it.
  • Run an internet test and check the files with the scanner.

11. Faxes fail when the computer goes into suspend or sleep mode

Continuously send some faxes to start the computer. Reset the printer settings. Check whether the internet connection and run an internet test. Now try sending or receiving faxes.

12. HP Envy pro 6458 no Airprint printer message found in iOS

  • Reboot the HP envy pro 6458 printers and the IOS device.
  • Restart the router.
  • Check the network connection is strong.
  • Connect the printer and the IOS device with the wireless network.
  • Now begin the AirPrint option to start printing.

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