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123.hp.com/oj5212 – HP Officejet 5212 Setup

HP Officejet 5212 – Designed for small office and home printing. It is a pocket-friendly printer with multi-functional features. The main features are scan, fax, wireless, mobile printing and cloud printing. For quick 123 hp officejet 5212 setup, you can use the HP Smart app. To get hp 5212 driver after the setup, proceed with the steps for 123.hp.com/oj5212.

How to setup Officejet 5212 printer?

After the purchase of your new Officejet 5212, complete the first time setup. The initial setup process involves unwrapping, power supply along with the device connection. Here are the easy steps to begin 123 hp Officejet 5212 setup.

  • Choose a firm desk and then keep the printer carefully.
  • Take off the packaging materials on 123 hp Officejet 5212.
  • Remove the printer accessories that you find inside the box.
  • Use the power cord for direct power supply and then switch on your printer.
  • Then, insert cartridges and papers into the oj5212.
  • After that, connect the printer to the computer and get drivers from 123.hp.com/setup oj5212.
  • Note: While choosing drivers, ensure that you choose the correct Mac or Windows version.

123.hp.com/oj5212 driver download, setup, install

Officejet 5212 basic functions

HP Officejet 5212 printers can print, scan, copy, and fax. It has an automatic document feeder for easy paper handling. Apart from this, it can support ePrint, Cloud Print, Mopria Print, and AirPrint. With 123.hp.com setup 5212 instructions, enable all the printer features.

HP Officejet 5212 Driver Download

Officejet 5212 Driver Installation on Windows

The basic element to run hp Officejet 5212 printer with windows computer is the drivers. Depending on the Windows OS, find and then download new hp 5212 driver package. Here are the easy setup steps to help you with hp Officejet 5212 driver download.

Note: You can begin the driver download process only after completing the basic hardware setup.

  • If you have completed hp Officejet 5212 setup, initiate 123.hp.com/setup 5212 driver download.
  • Initially, disconnect the USB cable from your Windows device.
  • Then, select the Officejet 5212 drivers as per your OS version.
  • Press the Download option and install it using the onscreen hp Officejet 5212 setup steps.
  • When the network selection screen appears, choose the connection.
  • Based on the connection mode, choose either a wireless network or a USB connection.

Officejet 5212 Driver Install on Mac

To download and install the latest hp Officejet 5212 driver, know the OS version of your Mac. Here is the list of Mac versions. The compatible OS for Officejet 5212 are v10.11, 10.10, 10.9, and 10.8. Then, ensure that your computer has any one of the above said versions. After selecting the OS, follow the instructions for downloading the drivers. You may use steps from 123.hp.com/setup 5212 to download hp 5212 driver.

  • To begin with, select hp Officejet 5212 driver with has additional features.
  • Proceed to click on Download and wait until the driver downloads to the Mac.
  • Once downloaded, go to the driver location and double-tap it.
  • At last, with the help of the installer, install the oj 5212 drivers.
  • Note: If you get the connection screen, choose the mode either as “USB” or “Wireless”.

123.hp.com/setup 5212 Services


Activate the print feature with hp Officejet 5212 setup. Now, you can get black and white and color printouts in a snap. Usually, the printing speed varies based on the settings available on 123.hp.com/oj5212 manual page. To speed up the printing, you may have to reduce the resolution.


Obtain copies of your documents and photos as soon as you complete hp Officejet 5212 setup. Next, insert the document as per the instructions in 123.hp.com/setup 5212. After that, edit the copier settings including paper size, type, and color. Once edited, click on Copy.


Scan the documents after you download hp Officejet 5212 scan software. Once downloaded, load the document in the scanner. Then, choose the Scan option to get the Preview screen. If the scan settings are correct, then tap the Scan to finish the scanning.


Complete hp 5212 setup properly to send or receive fax in a jiffy. To begin with, install papers and arrange them properly. After that, select the fax settings as optional. Then, edit other settings such as resolution, fax copies and more. Finally, click on the Start option to fax files.

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HP Officejet 5212 Device Printing

HP Officejet 5212 is engineered in such a way to work with a wide range of devices. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, smartphones, and tablets. To connect with these devices, you can use Wi-Fi Direct or hp Officejet 5212 wireless setup. Perform the instructions from 123 hp com for advanced features.

123.hp.com Smart Devices


To print the files from Windows, 123.hp.com’setup 5212 offers complete drivers. Before downloading those drivers, let’s know the compatible OS versions. The suitable Windows OS versions are Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Choose drivers according to your Windows Operating System version.


The OS platform support is vital to connect with any device. HP Officejet 5212 can connect with Mac OS and here you can find all the versions. They are El Capitan (10.11), Yosemite (10.10), Mavericks (10.9), and Mountain Lion (10.8). You can choose and download drivers for each OS from 123.hp.com.


To make printing easy, hp Officejet 5212 provides mobile printing services. For every smartphone platform, there is a printing service and app. The commonly supported platforms are Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. Select the perfect printing solution and proceed to print the documents and photos.


HP Officejet 5212 is a smart printer that easily connects to your tablets. Be it Android or iOS, you can print using the HP Mobile printing. With the services, share files over the internet to print or scan from anywhere. For speedy device connection, choose the Wi-Fi setup. Now, hp 5212 can print files from your tablets.

Officejet 5212 Mobile Applications


AirPrint is an exclusive printing technology only for Apple users. It supports wireless and provides quality printing. Now, you can activate this service through the internet connection between printer and Mac devices.


ePrint is a remote printing service to print from anywhere. From the computer, send the document to your printer’s email address. Then, the hp Officejet 5212 printer prints the file once it receives the email.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is an easy service for printing the files over the network devices. For this service, you do not require any software to print. Register your printer on the network to print from Google Cloud Print.

Officejet 5212 Web Services

Initiate settings for Web service

To support printing from the web-connected devices, web service is essential. Now, turn on the web services for enjoying services on 123.hp.com/setup 5212. Before turning on, verify the below checklists.

  • Get a stable internet connection and then check the network status.
  • After that, verify Internet proxy settings.
  • Update the printer drivers as well as the router firmware.

Steps to enable web services on printer

The following steps allow you to activate the web services for hp Officejet 5212 printer. Once activated, you can print files over the network in a snap.

  • Ensure the Ethernet or Wireless connection of the Officejet 5212 printer.
  • For wired connection, ensure that the cable is connected properly.
  • For hp Officejet 5212 wireless connection, turn on the wireless feature.
  • Go to the printer control panel and click the HP ePrint button.
  • Then, choose the Enable option and go through the onscreen instructions.

Modification of network settings

To change or manage the network settings, you can use the HP Embedded Web Server. For getting the Web Server home page, you can use IP address steps as in 123.hp.com/setup 5212. Along with that, go through the below steps.

  • Firstly, find the IP address for your printer from the Wireless summary screen.
  • Then, enter your printer IP address on the browser.
  • Click on Continue when the security certificate page displays and edit the settings as needed.

Removal of web services

Removing the web services from your printer deactivates the HP ePrint, instant ink and more. If you want to deactivate the web service, then follow the simple instructions.

  • From hp Officejet 5212 printer control panel, press the HP ePrint icon.
  • Select the Settings option and then choose Turn Off or Disable option.
  • After that, make use of the onscreen instructions to disable the Web Services.